Need magic arrows for your adventures? These larp arrows contain foam heads having white and blue nuances of color inspired by the cold winds, the ice and the snow. These missiles feign many magic objects or the spell of a magician.

Choosing the role of an archer in a live action role play (LARP) or in the reconstruction of medieval fighting proves to be very rewarding. Archery is particularly versatile and effective. The possibilities of action offered by archery are huge but the obvious counterpart is that it takes good material not to be ridiculous on the battlefield.

As an archer, choosing your arrows should be your major concern. The use of projectiles in LARP games is highly regulated. It may be tempting to create your own LARP arrows, but many experienced archers will confirm that this is a complex, challenging and time-consuming option. In terms of performance you will need a real manufacturing knowledge to obtain a range of homogeneous arrows.

Proud of 20 years of experience in the creation of LARP arrows, Cœur de Mithril offers you the perfect solution to equip yourself for your adventures! Archery and archery games are an area in which we are invested and we offer foam arrows whose qualities are no longer to be demonstrated. Well aware that LARP is an intense activity, we have developed robust and reliable equipment that fulfill strict criteria in terms of safety!

This is why Cœur de Mithril archery products exceed the standards and regulations of all LARP organized around the world. By making the choice of our foam arrows you have the assurance of an high performance equipment guaranteeing you access to all regulated events.

Equipping yourself with Cœur de Mithril products is a sustainable investment that you can use on a daily basis. We have made a point of honor that the choice of performance and safety does not counters aesthetics. Thus our range of products is very diversified in terms of colors and it is even possible for you to engrave the tip of your arrows for full personalization.

Note : This Cœur de Mithril product’s does not contain latex! Allergy to latex (natural rubber) affects 1 to 5% of the population and is constantly increasing. It occurs after contact and can affect the skin, eyes or respiratory tract. We are aware of this medical reality and we do not use this material for the realization of this product.

Designed for bows having a pressure of 30lbs and less.
Total weight of the arrow 88g.
Total length point included 33 inches.
Length of basic stalk of the point to the notch 28 inches.
Length of the point 4 inches.
Diameter of the point 2 inches.
Stalk made of ¼ inch diameter fiberglass tube.
Feathers and notch of plastic.
Foam color Blue and white

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Larp Arrows Ice

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