In the chaos of the battlefield, how do you determine who is friend or foe? The tabard can be seen as the very first team uniform for the deadliest sport mankind has ever invented… war!

 Whether you’re marching to the field of battle or strolling to the feast, the tabard is your go-to piece for showing everyone exactly who you represent. Standard wear for knights, squires, men-at-arms, and any and all fantasy settings where prestige and recognition is a must.

 By the late Middle Ages, tabards became an essential means of battlefield identification due to the decline of the use of shields. Shields became outdated through the development and adoption of plate armour, as well as the common soldier needing both hands to hold a crossbow, arquebus (early musket), pike or two-handed swords such as the Zweihander. They were at times also used for religious identification, such as the infamous ‘Black Cross’ tabards of the Teutonic Order.

 For Roleplay, Coeur de Mithril’s edged tabard goes above and beyond just Medieval LARP. Your choices for the personalization of the main and edge colours means each tabard order is made to match any and all fantasy settings you might be in. A great look for Mage Orders, Thieves Guilds, Warrior-Monk Chapters, Elven Guards, Orcish Clans and more!


Product Details

  • Fully customizable main and edge colour scheme
  • Coeur de Mithril’s very own high quality 100% breathable Poly-Cotton blend
  • Full length from shoulders to bottom edge is 110cm
  • Neck opening is 28cm in circumference
  • Excellent range of motion, swing your sword with ease!
Cloth Poly-Cotton

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LARP Knight Tabard "Edged"

  • Product Code: Knight Tabard "Quarter"
  • Availability: On order 4 weeks
  • 75.00$

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