The tabard is a kind of overcoat that was weared in the Middle Ages over the armor. It served above all to show his coat of arms and his colors. The first tabards are tunics painted or formed of an assemblage of pieces of fabric of a tubular form, often devoid of sleeves.

It is an essential element in the inventory of a knight. The benefit in terms of comfort when wearing metal armor is the basis but the function of the tabard is not limited to that. Indeed, it effectively protects its wearer from the sun by limiting the inconvenience of the heating of the sun on the metal. It thus keeps a much more bearable temperature inside the breastplate.

Historically, the tabard became quickly an object of decoration. Thus it was given a dual function of identification and representation. We therefore offer many variations of colors and patterns so that you can find the model that best fits the personality or belonging of your character.

This "Per Pale" model is a two-color tabard whose vertical division is symmetrical. You are free to choose your colors with the drop-down menu on the right side of the screen.

With this Coeur de Mithril´s "Per Pale" tabard, you will be ready to put on your armor and join the battle !

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LARP Knight Tabard "Per Pale"

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