Whether you’re on the battlefield or at the feast, stay hydrated with this historical leather waterskin. Made in the exact same style you would have seen used 1,000 years ago, the leather waterskin is a timeless functional accessory for anyone serious about looking, and acting the part.

The origins of the waterskin can be traced to the Stone Age, where animal skin pouches were filled with water or fermented wild grapes. During the early Middle Ages, besides being standard wear for any soldier, flasks were produced from molds for pilgrims to carry water and oil to and from pilgrimage sites.

For roleplay, this waterskin is an accessory that will match nearly any time period; historical or otherwise. Anyone from the chivalric knight to the seafaring viking to the elven guardsman would carry a waterskin from which to stay hydrated. This particular piece, the Long Waterskin is made from molded thick leather that has been hand-stitched and sealed with beeswax. It can be worn both on the belt or over the shoulder.


Product Details

  • 950ml/30,5oz capacity
  • Made from hand-stitched leather
  • Sealed inside with food safe beeswax 
  • Wooden stopper
  • 32 cm X 17 cm


Care and maintenance

  • Do not fill with hot liquids
  • Avoid soda and alcoholic drinks
  • Do not put in the dishwasher
  • Do not expose to intense heat or keep in range of a flame
  • Clean after use with mild dish soap
  • Rinse with clean water and let it dry naturally
  • You may need to reseal the interior with wax after some use
  • Due to being historically made, ensure your waterskin is worn vertically. The wooden stopper does not completely seal like a modern bottle would.

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Leather Waterskin Long

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