• Viking Drinking horn 250ml/8,45oz with holder

A toast! Gather around, adventurers of far-off lands, lay down your weapons and raise your horns. Tonight, we drink to friends, bonds, and unforgettable memories we have created along the way!

Whether you're relaxing around the campfire or celebrating at the table, with the drinking horn in your hand and good company by your side, you're sure to have the night of your life. The perfect accessory for any kind of setting, historical or otherwise. The only true requirement for the drinking horn is celebration!

Drinking horns have been used by humans for thousands of years, dating back to ancient Greece. Originally used by Scythian, Celtic, and Germanic peoples, the drinking horn was made famous by the Vikings. Even in our modern times, drinking horns remain an essential element across cultures around the world.

The Coeur de Mithril drinking horn is the ultimate accessory for celebrations and toasts. Celebrating victory, good news, or good friends transcends any world you may find yourself in.

We raise our glass to this! And to all the adventures to come!

Product Details

The drinking horn includes a leather belt pouch, your choice of black or brown. Because drinking horns are made of natural material, each horn is unique. The appearance, pattern, and length vary from horn to horn. Liquid capacity ranges from 175 ml to 300 ml. The length of the horn varies from 8 to 14 inches. The horn opening has an average width of 2 ½ inches. Drinking horns are made of genuine cow horn that is protected inside and at the rim with a thick, transparent coating. This easy-to-maintain cover prevents any drink contact with the horn, is entirely food safe, prevents bacterial growth, and does not alter the taste of the beverage. Can hold hot and cold liquids.


Coeur de Mithril offers to engrave your horn for an additional cost of $20 CAD. You can have custom text, an image, a crest, or a logo engraved on it. To ensure that the engraving perfectly matches your expectations, please send us a high-quality file containing what you want to have engraved. The engraving on the front of the horn measures 4 inches by 4 inches (10 cm by 10 cm), but this dimension may vary to fit the shape of the horn and its pouch. The location of the engraving is usually under the pouch, but depending on the specific horn used, it may be placed above the pouch. This choice is left to the discretion of our artisans, who are best placed to guarantee the best possible visual rendering of your engraving.

Don't forget to choose the color of your engraving.

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Viking Drinking horn 250ml/8,45oz with holder

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