• Knight Gambeson Bicolor

Offering protection from both the elements and enemies, the Gambeson is standard wear for squires, knights and men-at-arms. Whether you’re out campaigning with your Lord or simply standing guard on a cold evening - the Gambeson is your go-to chest piece. Featuring sleeves that can be tied or removed by laces through eyelets, useful for staying warm or cool as needed.  Excellent as a standalone garment, yet offers enough cushion to be worn under armour if needed. The perfect piece for sparring, LARP or perhaps even battle.

For Roleplay, this gambeson is excellent as a Viking style piece with the sleeves removed to allow you full mobility to swing your axe. Additionally you can opt for a more Elvish influence with this piece, as the arrow-proof gambeson would be standard wear for the Elf bowman.

Before bullets (and bullet-proof armour) existed, there was the arrow-proof Gambison. An armoured jacket made of many layers of cloth, designed to be both lightweight and protective at the same time. Meant to be either worn on it's own or under mail or plate, it was commonly worn and seen all around Medieval European battlefields for many centuries, until it was made obsolete by bullets.

Composed of 2 colors, it will allow you to better represent your coat of arms or to standardize your costumes. The choice of this composition will bring you the little trend that will make the difference!


Product Details

  • Made of Coeur de Mithril’s own breathable Poly-Cotton blend
  • Genuine leather straps and lace
  • Metal Buckles
  • Polyester Padding
  • Removable sleeves and adjustable wrist cuffs



  • Can be worn either as a standalone piece, or under plate or mail armour as an extra layer of padding or protection
  • Offers full mobility for the user, you will not feel restricted in your movement. Removable sleeves to add extra mobility to arm movements
  • Warm when you need it to be, with the buckles and sleeves fully laced makes an excellent piece for chilly weather
  • Cool when you need it to be, with buckles and sleeves unlaced - gives you protection and breathability on a warm sunny day

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Knight Gambeson Bicolor

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