• Leather Pouch Medium

Crafted from genuine high-quality leather, our luxurious leather pouch is specially designed to store and transport your precious playing cards. Offer this leather pouch to a friend passionate about card games, or treat yourself by adding a touch of elegance to your own gatherings. This way, you can keep your favorite cards close at hand, whether it's for an impromptu game with friends or for your regular card sessions.

The word "pouch" has an etymological origin in the Old French word "pochete," which means a small bag or pocket. This Old French term is derived from the Late Latin word "pulicellus," a diminutive form of "pulicarius," meaning a purse or little bag. The word "pouch" entered the English language in the late 14th century with the sense of a small bag or sack for carrying items. It was a precious item worn during the Middle Ages. Renowned for its practicality, it was often used to carry essential items of daily life such as keys, currency, and other small treasures. Inspired by this medieval heritage, our pouch is crafted with care to combine functionality and aesthetics, reviving an era where each accessory had a story to tell.

Each pouch is sold separately, but be creative and combine several on the same belt to adapt it to your needs.

*Belt not included

Product Details:

  • Color Options: Available in brown or black to suit your personal style.
  • Belt Attachment: Equipped with a loop at the back, suitable for belts up to 4cm wide.
  • Quality Material: Made from genuine leather with a thickness of 3mm, ensuring remarkable durability.
  • Interior Pocket Size: Each pocket measures 10cm x 8cm x 4cm.

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Leather Pouch Medium

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